An Excel spreadsheet template to keep track of your submissions

I created this Excel file to keep track of all the submissions to editors (and a few select contests) that I send out. It’s probably self-explanatory, but in case you are not sure how to get it going, I left some old data in the first 3 rows that you can replace with your own. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Publication: Name of magazine/newspaper/site/contest/etc.

Date mailed or submitted

Email: Did you submit or query by email (Yes or No)

Open: If you can track it, did they open it? (Yes or No)

Follow-Up: Did you respond to any reply from them, or follow up with a second email? (Yes or No)

Open: If you can track it, did they click on any of your links in the email? (Yes or No)

Portfolio: Did you send your portfolio (digital or otherwise) (Yes or No)

Pitch: What story or idea did you pitch, if this applies

Notes: Add any concise, relevant notes

Feel free to change the headings in the files to better suit your needs.

I added this here because this spreadsheet has really helped me keep track of where my photos are going. I know there is probably software that does this, but this does the trick for me, so maybe it helps other photographers.

The download below is the Microsoft Excel file itself. There is nothing to sign up for. Please share this template with anyone you think could use it.

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